When last we heard from our aging professors, they were planning their trip to Cambridge, England. In actuality, the travel arrangements are being planned by a travel agent who seems to be taking her time and the aging professors continue to age. But hope springs eternal, and wonders never cease. If you’ve ever read Dodsworth by Sinclair Lewis, you know that it’s the travel itself that ruins a trip. As Lewis said, “To live in Carlsbad is seemly and to loaf in San Remo is healing to the soul, but to get from Carlsbad to San Remo is the devil.”  The plan is for Stan to shuffle off to Buffalo, New York on July 13, spend a couple of days with Linda and Dennis Ryan before the APs get on a jet plane (at a currently undisclosed location) on July 16 and fly to London’s Heathrow Airport.  The APs are eagerly expected (speaking of hope springing eternal) at Sidney Sussex College sometime Monday afternoon, July 17.  Cambridge is a mere hop, skip, and a jump up the road from London, about 64 miles via the M11.  Getting from London to Cambridge can’t be as bad as getting from Carlsbad to San Remo can it? Happily I have no idea where Carlsbad or San Remo are, so I’ll continue to hope for the best.  What could possibly go wrong?

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